Panasonic Dual Voltage Interface

Panasonic Dual Voltage

With Panasonic Li-ion, the future fits the past, meaning that you can use any of your existing Li-ion 14.4V and 18V batteries in thier new Power Tools with dual voltage interface. Allowing you to choose the optimum voltage for the job.

The new 4.2Ah S-type battery range provides unrivalled capacity and endurance whilst working on the toughest tasks. Giving a new solution to to higher performance, robustness and compact dimensions in professional tools.

Jobsites make tough demands on Power Tools. Unexpected incidents, such as sudden water contact or exposure to fine dust, can wreck havoc and will often lead to dilemmas and delays on site. All of Panasonics Dual Interface Tools fall in to thier Tough Tool IP range, which means thier resistance to water and dust is of the highest grade. Making them a reassuring presence in even the most difficult conditions.

Panasonic Dual Voltage Tools sport features such as sensors which monitor battery voltage, so the correct current is always supplied for peak performance. Advanced ciurcitry also protects against overheating and ‘over-discharge’ ensuring reliable, safe, and powerful operation for the user.