Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer

If you are the Outdoors type you'll know how hard it is to keep your hands truly warm. That’s why Zippo, the makers of the iconic lighters, have come up with the ultra stylish and practical Zippo Hand Warmer.

The Zippo Handwarmer is flameless, yet it gives off a serious amount of heat using a technique called catalytic combustion. The Hand Warmer can keep you going for up to 12 hours on a single fill, and unlike a lot of handwarmers on the market it's fully reusable time and time again.

So whether you are on the slopes, hiking up a mountain, or just watching the kids play football on a cold British morning you really can kiss goodbye to cold hands!

Guide to using to Zippo Hand Warmer

What is included with my hand warmer?

The Zippo Handwarmer comes complete with the rugged metal hand warmer body, filler cup for lighter fluid, and the warming bag which you place the hand warmer in.

What does it run on?

The hand warmer will run on ordinary lighter fuel.

How do I light my hand warmer?

The Zippo Hand Warmer generates warmth only when an external source of flame is applied to the burner, such as a pocket lighter, which will begin the catalytic process.

Does the Hand Warmer need oxygen to operate?

Yes. The Hand Warmer requires oxygen for the heating process to occur. The bag regulates the amount of oxygen. Do not use it without the provided bag.

How do I stop my Hand Warmer from heating?

To stop the heating action, carefully pry off the burner element with pliers, a knife or edge of the lid. The burner element will be very hot. Do not touch it to the skin or any flammable surface. The burner and catalytic unit will then extinguish in about 30 seconds. When the burner and catalytic unit have cooled, replace the burner and the lid.

Won't it burn me?

No. The Zippo Handwarmer works without a flame using a technique called catalytic combustion.

Does my Hand Warmer have lighter fluid when I first get it?

No. Hand Warmers are shipped without lighter fluid. Please add lighter fluid before using.

How long will the burner part last?

The burner lifetime varies with usage but you can expect approximately 70 uses. Once its life cycle is over you can purchase your replacement burner for the Hand Warmer by clicking here.

I lost my instructions – are they online?

Yes. Check out our handy step guide above or click here to view Hand Warmer instructions PDF.

Zippo Hand Warmer Replacement Burner

Each burner will last for up to 70 uses of the hand warmer, and can be replaced quickly and easily.

Our Price : £4.95

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