110v Power Tools

110v Power Tools are designed to work off transformers & are generally used on building sites where it is a requirement to use low voltage 110v power tools for safety reasons. Generally 110v power tools are the same as their 240v counterparts but sometimes they have a lower wattage.

110v Power Tools are available in all types of tool including 110v Angle Grinders for cutting & Grinding materials such as metal, concrete & stone, 110v Circular Saws for cutting wood, 110v Demolition Hammer Drills for demolition work, 110v Diamond Drills for drilling holes using diamond core bits, 110v Jig Saws for cutting wood, 110v Mitre Saws for sawing & mitering wood, 110v Mixer Drills for paint & plaster mixing, 110v Routers for routing wood, 110v SDS Plus Drills for heavier duty, masonry, metal & wood drilling, 110v Table Saws for sawing larger sections of wood, 110v Tile Saws for cutting of most types of tiles