Multi Material Drill Bits

Multi Material Drill Bits

Multi Material Drill Bits Information

Multi material drill bits are designed to be used in a wide range of common building materials, and many can be used in both hammer mode or standard rotary mode. Although they are not always as effective at individual tasks compared with drill bits specifically designed for the purpose, the primary advantages of multi material drill bits are that they can replace several other bits in your tool kit (meaning you can carry less around with you) and that they can be used to drill straight through wood, metal or plastic fixtures into masonry, concrete or tiles. Multi material drill bits like those from the Bosch Hex-9 series are especially versatile, being suitable for use in rotary or hammer modes with a wide variety of machines, including electric screwdrivers and impact drivers.

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Bosch Multi Construction Drill Bit

Bosch Multi Construction Drill Bit
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