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Gerber SUSPENSION Multi Tool Pliers 12 Functions with Nylon Pouch

Inspired by the bridges of Gerber’s hometown in Portland, Oregon, the Suspension is an open frame multitool with spring-loaded pliers, our Saf.T.Plus™ locking system, a fine-edge knife, serrated knife, rough cut saw and more. Housed in a ballistic nylon sheath, it’s a... more details...

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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool Pliers 12 Functions with Nylon Pouch

Rugged construction, spring loaded pliers, external locking tools and an extra grippy handle earn this tool its moniker: the Ultimate Multi-tool. Features: - 12 Stainless Steel, Weather-Resistant Components - Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces... more details...

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Gerber Recon LED Torch Black with White, Red, Blue, Green Lens Size 1 x AA Battery

If you think the concept of multi-tasking is overrated, don't tell it to the guys who developed the patent-pending Recon. Because this long-awaited L.E.D format lets you choose from four different colors of light, depending on your needs of the moment. The official name for... more details...

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Gerber Gator Combo Axe II with Saw & Nylon Sheath

The Gator II is a compact all-conditions axe for the outdoor adventurer. Made with a longer handle than the original Gator, the advantage is a greater striking force with the stainless steel head. The handle is made of glass-filled nylon and covered in Gerber’s Gator texture. It... more details...

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Gerber Back Paxe II Axe

The Back Paxe II is a well-balanced hand axe with a blade known for its superior edge retention. Combining a stainless steel forged head and a Fibercomp™ handle, the Back Pack II makes quick work of brush, small logs and branches. Features: - Forged steel head - Excellent edge... more details...

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Gerber Gator Combo Axe with Knife & Nylon Sheath

Axes have been around for ages. And even our award-winning axes are hardly new. But the Gator Axe is a wood-bustin' breakthrough. Because we applied our proprietary Gator textured rubber to the grip for an unprecedented level of comfort and control. Beneath that tactile rubber... more details...

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Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi Tool Pliers 10 Functions

The only compact multi-tool with two full size blades on it. The Compact Multi-tool is small enough for a keychain or pocket, yet packs a big punch when you need it most. Features: - 10 Components - Compact and Lightweight - Fits on keychain or in pocket - External components... more details...

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Gerber DIME Micro Multi Tool Pliers Red 10 Functions

We took the standard keychain multi-tool and made it better. In addition to stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, spring-loaded scissors, flathead screwdriver, crosshead driver, tweezers and file, the Dime includes a unique blade designed to safely cut and... more details...

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Gerber 10 Piece Tool Kit for Freehand, Nautilus, Diesel, Recoil & Suspension Multi Tools

Add to the functionality of your Multi-Plier by using this add-on tool kit. Contains an adapter, three different sizes of flat head bits, cross point bits, and hex head bits, respectively. Features: - Seven piece tool kit - Adapts to most Multi-Pliers - Stainless steel... more details...

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Gerber Bear Grylls Field Knife Sharpener

Encased in a smooth, hard plastic cover the Bear Grylls Knife Sharpener fits easily in your pocket. The handle is made of grippy rubber for secure holding in wet or cold conditions. Two rod shaped diamond-coated sharpeners allow you to sharpen the serrated sections of your... more details...

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Gerber Bear Grylls Pocket Knife Tool

An updated classic, the Pocket Tool is a modern interpretation of the traditional, minimal multitool.The basic components - large fine-edgeblade, bottle opener, Phillips head driver, small and medium flat driver are housed within a tough rubberized handle, perfect for gripping... more details...

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Gerber CRUCIAL Butterfly Multi Tool Pliers Black with Strap Cutter 6 Functions

The Crucial offers an entire toolbox of full-sized components in one rugged stainless steel package. The handles are ergonomically curved for a better grip and more torque. The liner-locking knife blade is half fine edge and half serrated. Built with a clip and weighing just... more details...

Quick Link : QL205330

Gerber STRATA Multi Tool Pliers 12 Functions with Nylon Pouch

Slim, sleek and packed with functionality, the Strata delivers spring loaded pliers, hungry carbide cutters and 13-outboard components including a clam package opening tool for those pesky plastic packages. SAF.T.PLUS Locking system keep components in the open and closed... more details...

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Gerber Bear Grylls Sliding Saw with 6" Retractable Blade

This is your tool for small brush, tree branches and limbs. The crosscut teeth design cuts on both the forward and backward stroke while the rugged, rubberized handle ensures that you won’t loose your grip. The locking six inch blade retracts into the handle when not in use.... more details...

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Gerber Mini Remix Blunt Nose Fine Edge Knife

Design is paramount with the Mini-Remix. Poke your index finger through the anodized aluminum pivot and experience blade control like never before. Clip it to a pack or on a pocket and show it off to envious on-lookers. Features: - Unique pivot design - Pocket clip - Thumstuds... more details...

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Gerber FLIK Multi Tool Pliers 11 Functions with Nylon Pouch

For those looking for the latest in multi-tool innovation from Gerber we proudly introduce the FliK, a revolutionary new tool that delivers industrial strength and professional grade functionality within a compact design meant for every day use. The latest in our line combines... more details...

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Gerber FIT Light Multi Tool Orange 10 Functions

Encased in smooth anodized aluminum, the Fit is a handheld 20 Lumen L.E.D. flashlight with folding multitool attachments. Outfitted with long drivers to reach into small spaces that other multitools can't, it includes a locking fine edge and serrated blade, bottle opener,... more details...

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Gerber DIESEL Multi Tool Pliers Silver 13 Functions with Nylon Pouch

Think big. Think tough. Think capable. Think versatile. Think about combining all those stalwart qualities into a king-of-the-road multi-tool that also features the ease and convenience of wrist-flick deployment. That's the story behind the Diesel Multi-Plier. We're talking... more details...

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Gerber EVO Multi Tool Pliers 12 Functions with Nylon Pouch

Time and again, Gerber manages to push the bar for innovation in the multi-tool category. The Evo is no exception. Based on their knife counterparts, the Evo exudes simple style and features all outboard components, meaning there is no need to open handles to access tools. Each... more details...

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Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel with Hammer Feature & Nylon Bag

The Gorge Folding Shovel features a fast and smooth push-button collapsible handle and a glass-filled nylon shaft with rubberized overgrip. The spade folds back, revealing a textured head to be used as a hammer for pounding in tent stakes. The Gorge is lightweight and packable... more details...

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