Compare Pressure Washers

Compare Pressure Washers

Karcher is already a household name for producing Pressure Washers and recently have become well know for a string of new products. Karcher has a Pressure Washer for everyone ranging from low end cold pressure washers to high end steam Pressure Washers.

Why choose Karcher Pressure Washers you may ask? Well many have tried buying other manufacturers Pressure Washers and many have regretted that decision as they are often cheap imports that are unreliable, offer poor performance and are just not up-to the job!

Karcher offers a reliable range of Pressure Washers starting with a basic air cooled range which come with a 2 Year Warranty, a robust water cooled range with a 3 Year Warranty and the new Eco!ogic range with a massive 5 Year Warranty. This coupled with a great range of accessories, competitive pricing and excellent quality mean you should only be considering a Karcher Pressure Washer.

  Model Max Bar
Max Flow
Rate (l\h)
Plug & Clean
  K2 Compact 110 360 1400     4m     Yes      
  K2 Car & Home 110 360 1400     4m   Yes Yes      
  K2 Home 110 360 1400     4m Yes Yes Yes      
  K3.200 120 420 1700 Yes   6m Yes Yes Yes      
  K3.550 120 420 1800 Yes   6m Yes   Yes      
  K4.200 130 440 1900 Yes   6m Yes Yes Yes      
  K5.200 140 460 2100 Yes   9m Yes   Yes      
  K4 Premium 130 420 1800 Yes   6m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  K5.200 + T250 140 460 2100 Yes   9m Yes Yes Yes      
  K5 Premium Home 145 500 2100 Yes   8m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  K5 Premium Eco 145 500 2100 Yes   8m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  Xpert ONE HD 160 480 2300   Yes 10m            
  K7 Premium 160 600 2800 Yes   10m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
  Xpert DELUXE 160 480 2300   Yes 15m     Yes Yes    

Air Cooled or Water Cooled?
Air cooled for lighter duties, water cooled for more regular use.

What will you be cleaning?
Different kits come with different accessories which suit different jobs.

How often do you use your Pressure Washer?
Ensure you buy the right model for your needs.

Consider water flow rate as well as bar pressure!
Bar pressure is only useful if you have enough water coming out of the nozzle.

Is it used for commercial reasons?
Ensure you buy a commercially machine with a commercially backed warranty.

Do you need to move it around?
Smaller compact units are easier to move.

Pressure Washers use up to 80% less water than garden hosepipes.

Pressure Washers are not subject to hosepipe bans if used for safety reasons or if a suction hose is used to pull water from a static source.

They are also not subject to a ban if used for commercial reasons.


  • Connect a non return valve to your pressure washer.
  • Run a Pressure Washer with restricted water flow.
  • Use cheap detergents.


  • Use an RCD circuit breaker.
  • Unroll extension cables fully.
  • Follow all instructions!
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