Compare Karcher Pressure Washers

Compare Pressure Washers

No other company is as devoted to designing environmentally friendly, effective cleaning solutions as Karcher. Whether you're after a small, compact Pressure Washer for home use, or a professional grade High Pressure Washer for demanding commercial applications, Karcher will have the model for you.

Reliability & flexibility are the cornerstones of Karcher's success. Long lasting, trustworthy performance is guaranteed thanks to their Pressure Washers' German engineered, high quality components, including incredibly robust, impact resistant outer casings, fine mesh water filters & extra durable water pumps. For regular users, Karcher's innovative water cooled models feature reduced strain on the engine, decreased overall energy usage, reduced running noise, lengthened run time & increased service life. What's more, Karcher stand by their machines - their air cooled range comes with a 2 year warranty as standard, their water cooled range with a 3 year warranty, & their Eco!ogic Pressure Washers with an extensive 5 year warranty.

Flexibility is ensured thanks to the highly manoeuvrable designs of Karcher Pressure Washers, with high-power-to-weight ratios, comfortable ergonomic handles & large diameter, sturdy wheels. The broadest range of accessories on the market makes the most out of every machine; so whatever the cleaning task, your Karcher Pressure Washer will be up to the job.

  Model Max Bar
Max Flow
Rate (l\h)
Plug & Clean
  K2 Compact 110 360 1400     4m     Yes     2 yrs  
  K2 Car & Home 110 360 1400     4m   Yes Yes     2 yrs  
  K2 Home 110 360 1400     4m Yes Yes Yes     2 yrs  
  K2 Premium 110 360 1400     6m Yes Yes Yes     2 yrs  
  K4 Compact 130 420 1800 Yes   6m Yes   Yes   Yes 3 yrs  
  K4 130 420 1800 Yes   6m Yes   Yes   Yes 3 yrs  
  K4 Compact Home 130 420 1800 Yes   6m Yes Yes Yes     3 yrs  
  K5 Compact Home 145 500 2100 Yes   8m Yes Yes Yes   Yes 3 yrs  
  K4 Home 130 420 1800 Yes   6m Yes Yes Yes   Yes 3 yrs  
  K4 Premium Home 130 420 1800 Yes   6m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 yrs  
  K5 Premium Eco 145 500 2100 Yes   8m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 yrs  
  Xpert ONE HD 160 480 2300   Yes 10m           1 yr commercial  
  K7 Premium 160 600 2800 Yes   10m Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 yrs  
  Xpert DELUXE 160 480 2300   Yes 15m     Yes Yes   1 yr commercial  

Air Cooled or Water Cooled?
Air cooled for lighter duties, water cooled for more regular use.

What will you be cleaning?
Different kits come with different accessories which suit different jobs.

How often do you use your Pressure Washer?
Ensure you buy the right model for your needs.

Consider water flow rate as well as bar pressure!
Bar pressure is only useful if you have enough water coming out of the nozzle.

Is it used for commercial reasons?
Ensure you buy a commercially machine with a commercially backed warranty.

Do you need to move it around?
Smaller compact units are easier to move.

Pressure Washers use up to 80% less water than garden hosepipes.

Pressure Washers are not subject to hosepipe bans if used for safety reasons or if a suction hose is used to pull water from a static source.

They are also not subject to a ban if used for commercial reasons.


  • Connect a non return valve to your pressure washer.
  • Run a Pressure Washer with restricted water flow.
  • Use cheap detergents.


  • Use an RCD circuit breaker.
  • Unroll extension cables fully.
  • Follow all instructions!
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