Smart Log Splitter and Smart Log Saw Horse

Smart Log Solutions Tooled-Up would like to introduce you to two products from Smart that will transform the way you cut and prepare your own logs. Both products are designed to be safe, easy to use, and are environmentally friendly – the kind of products we like best – you could say "Smart but simple".

Smart Splitter Manual Weight Log Splitter

The Smart Log Splitter is the safe and easy way to split logs, offering a splitting force of up to 14 ton, without the need to swing an axe.

The Smart Log Splitter works by sliding the striking weight down a fixed pole, meaning the splitter will never miss its intended target. All the user has to do is lift the 3.5Kg weight, and gravity does all of the hard work – your logs will be split safely and accurately. The integral "splinting wedge" allows you to further split your logs to make kindling.

Smart Splitter Manual Weight Log Splitter


  • It has been designed with safety in mind, no swinging of an axe.
  • The clever ergonomic design, means that it can be used by those with bad backs and is even a good form of exercise.
  • The Smart Log Splitter always hits its mark, with up to 14 ton of splitting pressure
  • The design and build quality is designed to last.
  • It is lightweight and easy to set up dismantle and store.

The clever Swedish design takes away the strain from the user, and will split even large logs without too much effort or strain on your back. It is also really easy to assemble, including the tools required for assembly in the box.

Requiring no power or fuel, the Smart Log Splitter is of course 100% environmentally friendly in use! You can even use it indoors in your shed or garage if the weather is just too bad to be outside!

Buy now for £79.95

Smart Holder Log Saw Horse

The Smart Holder Log Saw Horse is the easy way to saw down large logs or pieces of timber – it’s like having an extra pair of hands!

Simply insert the log or timber into the saw horse, push down so that the patented claw bites into the log, and then you are ready to cut. The Smart Log Saw Horse will hold on to your timber until you are finished so you can cut into almost any size pieces. It holds the timber at a height that makes it easy to cut either with your chainsaw or manual saw, without putting strain on your back.

Smart Holder Log Saw Horse just £79.95


  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Safe to use.
  • Holds logs and timber.
  • Weighs only 12kg.

The saw horse can be setup in seconds, and fold flat for easy storage and transportation – ideal if you work in the great outdoors.

It can handle large logs with ease, yet weighs in at only 12kg!

Robust and stable no matter what size and weight of wood to be cut