Metabo TPS 14000SCOMBI Submersible Dirty Water Pump with Float Switch 8.5m Lift 14000L Hour Max Flow 770w 240v

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Metabo TPS 14000SCOMBI Submersible Dirty Water Pump with Float Switch 8.5m Lift 14000L Hour Max Flow 770w 240v

There‘s hardly a job which these combi pumps can‘t solve. After all, they combine several benefits in the one device. This means that alongside pumping out waste water, they can also suck down to 1 mm standing water with clear water as well. This means that after pumping out, only a thin level of water remains - a mere millimetre at most. And when the going really gets rough, these pumps can even deal with particles up to a size of 20 mm.

- Multi-functional use as immersion pump for fresh water or waste water
- Perfect for pumping out, pumping dry and recirculating fresh and dirty water from containers, tanks, swimming pools or flooded cellars
- Suitable for watering gardens and lawns from water reservoirs
- Low intake level as low as 1 mm (when operating as fresh water immersion pump)
- Simple and comfortable adjustment of the pump base for the required function
- Pump base in lower position: for pumping fresh water and waste water. In this position the largest potential pump rate is attained
- Pump base in the upper position: for pumping fresh water. This position is also intended for the low-intake mode. For the low-intake function the float switch can be changed from automatic mode to manual mode
- Float switch for automatic mode
- Level regulation of the float switch
- Changing from automatic mode with float switch to manual mode for low-intake pumping is done using the push button directly on the mains plug
- Housing made of impact-proof plastic
- For coarse grime of a particle size of up to 20 mm (when operating as waste water immersion pump)
- Angle connection piece with multi-adapter
- Ergonomic carry handle

Angle connection piece with multi-adapter
Float switch

Rated input power - 770 W
Max. flow rate - 14.000 l/h
Max. delivery head - 8.5 m
Max. immersion depth - 7m
Max. pressure - 0.85 bar
Discharge port - 1 1/2" female thread
Pump housing - Plastic
Power cable - 10m
Max. particle size up to - 20mm
Number of roller wheels - 1
Weight - 7.7kg

Additional information regarding Submersible Water Pumps

Clean Water Pumps:
Generally clean water pumps are suitable for the drainage of cellars, sinks, cisterns, pools, baths and other general transfer of water. They are not suitable for outside ponds or other dirty water as they will only usually allow small particles to pass through. Most clean water pumps will allow suction to a very low level (normally within 5 - 10mm) before they cut out but remember this only applies if they have a float switch.

Dirty Water Pumps:
These are suitable for the drainage of most water types as they allow for a much larger particle types. Be aware however that they will usually drain water down to a level of between 25 - 50mm depending on the particle size that they allow for. Automatic cut out only applies if they have a float switch. Unless specified dirty water pumps are not suitable for agriculture type use or for drainage of water containing salt or other chemicals. The term 'dirty' in most cases applies to 'water contains small particles such as grit, sand, mud and small pebbles'.

Considerations when buying a Submersible or Surface water pump:

1. Particles over 1mm generally, can only pass through dirty water pumps. Always buy a pump that will allow the particle size that you require to flow through it.

2. Float switches enable the pump to cut-out when the water reaches the minimum level at which the pump can operate without overheating. Clean water pumps can operate at a lower level than dirty water pumps as they do not have to account for particles being able to pass through the bottom of the pump. Pumps without a float or auto cut out type switch cannot run automatically and have to manually be controlled.

3. Water pumps have differing flow rates so ensure you purchase a pump capable of transferring water at your desired speed; this is normally calculated as litres per second or litres per hour.

4. The distance or height that a water pump is capable of moving water is known as the lift height use the following calculation to determine if the pump is suitable for your requirements:

The maximum flow rate of a pump is directly affected by the height it has to lift the water. In general the flow rate will decrease as the lift height increases. Horizontal pumping distance is also affected use the formula Max Height - Working Height x 10 to determine the maximum horizontal distance the pump will be capable of.

It is recommended that an RCD is always used with a submersible pump as should be the case whenever electrical products are used near water.

Most submersible pumps require a lay flay hose (except water butt pumps) which have a wider diameter than garden hose in order to drain the water without damaging the pump, to allow for particles (if applicable) and to allow for fast flow rates.


Mfr Part NumberTPS 14000SCOMBI
Our Part NumberM0251400000
Clean or Dirty WaterDirty
Cable Length (m)10m
Float SwitchYes
Flow Rate233 l/min
Lift Height8.5m
Model NoTPS 14000SCOMBI
Output Aperture (mm)38mm
Item Weight7.7kg
Shipping Weight7.7kg
Power240v Electric


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