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Bosch 18v Cordless Nanoblade Saw

Bosch NanoBlade Saws Updated for 2018

The range of available Bosch Nanoblade saws was updated in April this year with the announcement of the AdvancedCut 18, a cordless 18v model which is compatible with the Bosch Green 18v Power4All battery system. In this blog post we take a look at the Nanoblade line-up and some of the advantages these unique power tools bring to the table.

The first Nanoblade saws came on to the market in 2017 and quickly gained the attention of gardeners and DIYers alike. The NanoBlade itself is essentially a miniaturized chainsaw bar & chain – precision engineered and manufactured by Bosch in Germany, each link in the chain is just 4mm in length and 0.9mm in width. The main impetus behind its development was the desire to create a low-vibration, easy-to-use powered saw for the home & garden market as a direct alternative to reciprocating saws and jigsaws (tools that inexperienced users can often find difficult to control). The fine cutting action on the NanoBlade enables it to cut smoothly without jarring or snagging, resulting in extremely low vibrations and enabling these tools to be easily controlled one-handed. This means there is very little learning curve required to achieve accurate cuts and makes it very easy to stick to a cutting line or to hold branches with your free hand when pruning trees. NanoBlades are suitable for cutting soft wood, hard wood and plastics like PVC.

Due to it’s potential in both woodworking and tree pruning applications, Bosch decided to make this technology available in two form factors: a pistol grip cordless variant and a mains powered jigsaw-style D-handle tool. Currently there are two cordless nanoblade saws and two jigsaw-style nanoblade saws. Let’s take a closer look at each model in the range.

Bosch EASYCUT 12 LI 12v Cordless NanoBlade Saw

Bosch EasyCut 12 LI Cordless NanoBlade Saw
Compact & cordless: the EasyCut 12 LI.

The Bosch EasyCut 12 LI can be powered by batteries from the Bosch Green 10.8v or 12v battery platforms and is a compact, pistol-grip machine. This model proved an immediate success on its release and most users find it to be ideal for pruning medium sized branches while being less tiring to use than a pruning saw or bow saw. The compact one-handed nature of the tool also makes it ideal for working up a ladder or in awkward locations, situations where it might be difficult or impossible to use a reciprocating saw. The EasyCut 12 LI isn’t only suitable for cutting branches though; it’s great for cutting a variety of DIY materials like dowels, slats and pallet wood, and of course it shares battery compatibility with a wide range of Bosch 10.8v and 12v cordless tools.

The EasyCut 12 LI is available as a body only machine, or complete with a 2.5ah battery, charger and carry case.

Bosch ADVANCEDCUT 18 LI 18v Cordless Nanoblade Multi Saw

Bosch AdvancedCut 18 LI NanoBlade Saw
Energy efficient: the AdvancedCut 18 LI.

The newest addition to the NanoBlade range, the Bosch AdvancedCut 18 LI is a pistol-grip cordless machine like the EasyCut 12 LI but is instead compatible with batteries from the Bosch Green (Power4All) 18v platform. This means it shares battery compatibility with a larger range of garden and DIY power tools than its smaller sibling, and is likely to appeal to the larger user base of people who have already invested in tools from the Bosch 18v Power4All system. As you might expect, running off 18 volts means this tool is capable of drawing more power but it can also benefit from the higher capacity batteries (such as the new 6.0ah model) that are available on the 18v platform. These high capacity batteries will enable the AdvancedCut 18 LI to run for much longer periods without needing to recharge, and will therefore be ideal for tackling pruning jobs in larger gardens or sawing through larger quantities of construction materials. What’s more, the AdvancedCut 18 LI also features an energy efficient brushless motor to ensure maximum runtime.

The AdvancedCut 18 LI is available as a body only machine or complete with a 2.5ah battery, charger and carry case.

Bosch EASYCUT 50 Electric Nanoblade Jigsaw

NanoBlade Saws: The Bosch EasyCut 50 Jigsaw Style Saw
Perfect for novice DIYers: The EasyCut 50

The first of two jigsaw-style Nanoblade saws, the EasyCut 50 is also the most affordable machine in the range if you take into account the battery and charger needed to power the EasyCut 12 LI. Clearly not designed for pruning trees, this is a workshop tool which functions in much the same way as a standard jigsaw, although without the versatility afforded by the different types of jigsaw blades on the market. Instead, the strength of the EasyCut 50 lies in its ease of use. While there is usually a learning curve involved in mastering accurate cuts with a jigsaw, the EasyCut 50 is a much more intuitive tool. Especially when using cheaper models, DIYers can find that jigsaws rattle about all over the place when undertaking difficult cuts, and due to the flexible nature of jigsaw blades they often end up with a sloped edge when cutting anything other than the thinnest materials. The nanoblade’s rigid construction and smooth cutting action makes it easy to cut at a consistent angle from the top to the bottom of the workpiece, without the excessive vibration that can make it hard to stick to a cutting line. Additionally, an integrated dust blower constantly clears debris away from the cutting area while the tool is in operation so the operator always has a clear view of what they are doing. Another advantage of the NanoBlade is that it can make a plunge cut directly into the workpiece, meaning cutouts can be accomplished without having to drill holes first.

The EasyCut 50 is a mains powered machine which is supplied with a dust extraction hood, anti-splinter guard and plastic carry case.

Bosch ADVANCEDCUT 50 Electric Nanoblade Jigsaw

NanoBlade Saws: The Bosch AdvancedCut 50
Ideal for DIY enthusiasts: The AdvancedCut 50

The AdvancedCut 50 closely resembles the EasyCut 50 but as its name suggests it has a few more advanced features built into it. Firstly, a stepless 0-45° bevel facility enables the saw to be used for bevelled cuts, while the EasyCut 50 can only cut at 90°. Secondly, a speed preselection dial enables the cutting speed to be tailored to the material or application for greater versatility and optimum control. As well as this, the AdvancedCut 50 is supplied with a larger accessory pack which includes a guide rail adaptor: this enables the tool to be slotted into a compatible guide rail for absolute precision when making straight cuts. Additional accessories include a selection of depth stops for cutting out grooves into a workpiece, as well as a dust extraction hood and anti-splinter guard as included with the EasyCut model. All of these features are likely to make the AdvancedCut 50 a more appealing choice for frequent DIYers.

The AdvancedCut 50 is a mains powered machine which is supplied with a dust extraction hood, anti-splinter guard, guide rail adaptor, 35mm & 21mm depth stops and a plastic carry case.

For more information on any of the models above, check out the Bosch DIY website or feel free to call our sales team on 020 8805 3535. Do you use any of the NanoBlade saws in the range? Let us know your thoughts below!



10 thoughts on “Bosch NanoBlade Saws

  1. These cut extremely slowly and not as clean as expected but they can plunge cut. The teeth just don’t seem sharp enough and I can’t sharpen them though I will try again has anyone managed to? Keep it clean for an easier life it is very easy to remove the blade and clean it or put in a new one. They only make one style of blade no different teeth for different materials but they make a longer one. Had I tried before buying I am sure I would not have bought one . See the you tube video (shame on you bosch) .

    John Arnold - 23rd January 2019 9:22 pm
  2. Can’t find information on how to cut a worktop with the EasyCut 50. With a conventional jigsaw you cut on the laminate side but there is no information and even my local diy store are struggling to get an immediate answer from Bosch.
    Is the EasyCut 50 a suitable tool to cut worktops and if so which blade is best to use? As there are 4 different blades and which side of the worktop do you cut from?

    Ian Tomlinson - 1st July 2020 9:20 pm
  3. Very disappointed in short blade life with the teeth not staying sharp, price of replacement blades is silly, have you any suggestions?

    Gary Whitcombe - 20th July 2020 9:05 am
  4. Hi Ian, sorry for the late reply and you may have got a response from Bosch by now – like them (from what I’ve heard) we have been extremely busy since lockdown was introduced! Judging by user feedback, some people certainly have had success cutting worktops with the EasyCut 50 but I’m afraid it’s not something I have any experience of myself. However, some people also suggest it can be a bit slow and underpowered, and I can imagine the chain will be nowhere near as fast as a jigsaw blade when cutting through those kinds of thicker materials, and may become something of a frustration if you’re used to the traditional methods. The nanoblade cuts upwards like a typical jigsaw blade, which would suggest that for best results you will want to cut it from the non-laminate side but if you are going to use it I would advise making a few test cuts first to get a feel for it, as of course it actually cuts in quite a different way. With regards to blade choice they are all described as suitable for laminates, and apart from the difference in cutting speed between the Basic and Speed models, the only difference I’m aware of is the length of the accessory.

    Blog Admin - 27th July 2020 4:53 pm
  5. I acquired one of these yesterday and gave it a try with some smaller branches in the garden. Wasn’t the quickest and I’d certainly stick to a jigsaw for the more heavy duty jobs.

    Dave C - 23rd September 2020 10:31 am
  6. I find that I have to regularly stop cutting, especially with green branches, as the dust and fibrous material clogs the blade and blade way. From my experience, I believe that all these machines should come complete with a brass suede brush to clean the blade, blade teeth, and run area. Why brass? Cleans like a stiff brush without damaging or blunting the blade. Cheap, clean, and effective.

    Bill Baker - 2nd March 2021 4:28 pm
  7. I have had my bosh mini chain saw for about 3 months. I have used it to cut wood only about 5 times. The blade is blunt already and the cost of a replacement one is extraordinary! Very disappointing the life of the blade is so short.

    Lisa - 14th March 2021 8:13 pm
  8. What is the difference between the basic nano blade,and the speed nano blade.
    thanks guy,s

    robert ash - 18th April 2021 4:32 pm
  9. Hi Robert, by the looks of it the Speed NanoBlade has slightly larger and more aggressive teeth, which will cut quickly but leave a rougher finish. The Basic NanoBlade should cut fairly cleanly, but at a slower pace.

    Blog Admin - 19th April 2021 3:22 pm
  10. Hi, I’m was wondering what the compatible guide rails are for the ADVANCEDCUT 50?

    Noah - 21st April 2021 3:23 pm

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