Hozelock EasyMix Portable Compost Bin

Hozelock EasyMix Portable Compost Bin

Hozelock EasyMix: Complete Composting Solution for Your Garden

A compost heap is a great way to turn leftover food waste into rich nutrients for feeding the plants in your garden, but there are a number of factors that might put you off the idea of starting one: You might not feel that your DIY skills are up to the challenge of making a compost bin yourself for example. Perhaps you don’t want to encourage rodents, you don’t think you have enough space, or maybe you’re concerned that a pile of rotting vegetables could put you off relaxing in your garden. Well, the good news is that the Hozelock EasyMix provides a ready-made compact composting solution that requires no carpentry skills and is designed to keep rodents out while ensuring that the compost stays locked up inside. But as well as that, it also incorporates a few more handy features designed to make it easier than ever to start making your own compost and putting it to use.

Hozelock EasyMix 2 in 1 Composter
The Hozelock EasyMix 2 in 1 Composter is a complete kit for making your own compost in the garden.

What are the Benefits of Making Your Own Compost?

A lot of the organic waste we create – garden clippings and leftover fruit and vegetable scraps for example – is packed full of nutrients that can be used as plant food to grow healthier and stronger plants in your garden. This is especially handy if you want to grow your own vegetables and also reduces the amount of rubbish going to landfill, instead turning it into a useful material to put back into the soil. A compost heap provides you with an excellent supply of plant food on tap and means you won’t have to buy your own when it comes to putting in new plants or maintaining existing ones. It also provides a convenient place to dispose of various trimmings, clippings and peelings. Generally speaking, just about any kind of vegetation (plus a lot of organic/plant-based waste) is suitable for adding to your compost, though bear in mind that hard, woody material can take years to break down unless it is finely chopped up first, and it is a good idea to avoid weeds which may rapidly re-establish themselves.

How Does the Hozelock EasyMix Work?

The EasyMix comes in a box with all the necessary hardware and just requires some simple assembly with a standard PZ2 screwdriver. Once you’ve got it assembled it can be left on any suitably level surface, either in the sun or in partial shade, although for best results Hozelock recommend an area in direct sunlight.

Hozelock Plastic Composting Drum
After some basic assembly, the EasyMix is ready to use.

Flip open the lid on the top of the drum and you can start pouring your composting scraps in to get started. There are adjustable vents on the drum with which you can tailor the airflow to achieve optimum ventilation and help prevent the compost from getting too damp, and the base allows the whole drum to be easily rotated in situ, getting the contents thoroughly mixed together. Regularly rotating the drum helps to speed up decomposition and leaves you with a more consistent, easy-to-use compost.

Hozelock EasyMix Compost
Take the drum off its base, and it can be rolled to wherever you need it.

Once the EasyMix is around 75% full, it should be left for 6-8 weeks, rotating each week – after which, the compost will be ready to use. And thanks to the design of the EasyMix, it’s especially easy to get the compost to where you need it. Remove the drum from its base and you can simply roll it to the work area, saving you multiple trips to and from the compost heap. For covering large areas you can simply tip the compost out in one go, or alternatively you can scoop out individual portions for targeting multiple plants or smaller plots.

Spraying Liquid Compost Feed
An included tank collects liquid compost feed for spraying with a standard garden hose.

That’s not all however as the Hozelock EasyMix also has another clever design feature built into it – a Click & Spray tank which is located in the base of the composter. This tank collects the liquid waste from the main drum and enables you to use this nutrient-rich solution as liquid feed: the tank is designed to be connected up to a garden hose and then it’s just a case of spraying it wherever you want to apply it. When you’re done, a hose connector on the tank enables you to run water through it to quickly and easily clean it out ready for next time.

Cleaning Click & Spray Tank
Cleaning the Click & Spray tank is easy thanks to an integrated hose connector.

EasyMix Advantages

The Hozelock EasyMix is therefore an easy to use, off-the-shelf solution for starting your own compost production line without much trouble at all. You don’t need to prepare a suitable site first, or build your own frame – just find a suitable place to store it. And if you decide you’re not happy with the location after all, you can simply move it somewhere else. The enclosed design of the EasyMix helps to minimise odours and prevents rodents from setting up home inside it – additionally, many gardeners are likely to find it a more attractive alternative to a traditional compost heap, especially in smaller properties where space is limited.

It is also convenient and less physically demanding – you don’t have to turn the compost over with a fork, or lift and carry it around the garden, as the spherical drum makes it just as easy to thoroughly mix the compost together as it is to roll it to the required area for application.

Plus, on top of that you get the Click & Spray tank for applying liquid feed too!

Hozelock EasyMix Click & Spray Tank
Returning the Click & Spray tank to the base of the composter.

The Hozelock EasyMix 2 in 1 Composter is available from Tooled-Up now. It is available for purchase here or for more details why not visit the Hozelock website here.

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