New Engineering Tools Range Added

New Engineering Tools Available Now

We’ve recently added a new Engineering Tools category to the Tooled-Up website which includes a selection of products for engineers, machinists and metalworkers. This category currently includes taps, dies, milling cutters, milling tools, reamers and deburring tools. As well as broadening our range of Dormer cutting tools, we have also begun to stock ranges from manufacturers such as Noga, Shaviv, Clarkson and Osborn, with the intention of widening this selection over the coming months. We also stock many other related products, including precision measuring tools from brands like Mitutoyo, Moore & Wright and Starrett, as well as a wide range of HSS drill bits and workshop essentials like tool cabinets and storage organisers.

We intend to get new ranges up soon from brands such as Artu, Cedaberg, Ortlieb and Vermont Gage, so keep an eye on the Engineering Tools category for updates in the near future.

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Engineering Tools

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