Fiskars Weed Puller Range

Fiskars Weed Puller Range

The Fiskars Weed Puller Range

Weeding is probably going to finish somewhere near the bottom if you ask people to list their favourite gardening activities and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a neverending, time consuming and monotonous task which can really hurt your knees and back. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way: the Fiskars Weed Puller range was designed to make this essential gardening chore a little bit easier and more enjoyable by providing an ergonomic and effective weeding solution which doesn’t put your back out in the process.

Weed Pullers: How they Work

All the Fiskars Weed Pullers share the same basic design: They have a long handle which enables the user to work in a comfortable standing position, rather than having to bend down, and are fitted with three prongs which are designed to penetrate the ground around the weed. The tool is pushed down into the soil so the jaws enclose the roots underneath the plant, and a foot plate enables you to apply extra pressure and leverage in order to extract it. Pressing down on the foot plate causes the jaws to close together so that they grasp onto the tap root, meaning you can hopefully pull the whole lot out of the ground in one go, and minimise the risk of it respawning in the same place.

Fiskars Weeder Jaws
The jaws on a Fiskars Weeder reach deep under the plant to grasp onto the tap root

Once you’ve extracted the weed the jaws will hold it firmly in place until you direct the weed puller wherever you want to deposit it. Then simply pull a sleeve on the shaft to release the jaws, eject the weed, and you’re ready to move onto the next one. After you spend a few minutes getting the hang of how it works, you’ll find you can bag yourself plenty of weeds in a short space of time and with minimal discomfort or physical exertion.

Fiskars White Weed Puller
Release the jaws and you can easily deposit the weeds into a bucket for disposal

Tools in the Range

There are currently three Fiskars weed pullers available, and each one has it’s own advantages. To help you choose the best one for your requirements we’ll go through each model and take a closer look at them.

Fiskars Solid Weed Puller

Fiskars 1026652 Solid Weed Puller
Fiskars 1026652 Solid Weed Puller

As the name suggests, the Solid Weed Puller is a robust tool which is designed to withstand heavy use. It has a durable, streamlined handle which is 90cm long, and is made using high quality plastic components to survive being used and stored in outdoor environments throughout the year. This is one of our best sellers at Tooled Up and is one of the most popular weeding tools we stock.

Fiskars Light Weed Puller

Fiskars 1020127 Light Weed Puller
Fiskars 1020127 Light Weed Puller

The Fiskars Light series (also known as the Fiskars White series) was introduced to give gardeners a range of tools that are easier to handle, being lighter than the standard Fiskars range and therefore ideal for older or younger users for example. However, note that due to the lighter grade of construction they are not recommended for use in especially hard or stony ground, and are better suited to softer soils. Aside from the materials used, the Fiskars Light Weed Puller is more or less identical to the Solid version, and is used and operated in the same way.

Fiskars Xact Weed Puller

Fiskars 1020126 Xact Weed Puller
Fiskars 1020126 Xact Weed Puller

The third option is designed for improved ergonomics, having a comfortable moulded grip on the end of the handle, and a greater length at 1 metre which helps to ensure that longer weeding sessions can go even more smoothly, with less stooping and bending. The Xact handle also makes it easier to manoeuvre the weeder into position when targeting smaller weeds, enabling you to pull them out with pinpoint precision. Unlike the other two models, it also has a hanging hole in the handle so you can easily store it on a wall in between uses.

Available at Tooled Up

We stock the complete range of Fiskars weed pullers at Tooled Up, along with a wide variety of weeding tools from other manufacturers so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect products to help keep your garden under control throughout the year. Check out our complete Fiskars range here, or visit the Fiskars Gardening website for more information.

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