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Fiskars Fiskars have one of the longest histories of any tool company going, & Fiskars Tools can trace their origins all the way back to 1649, where they began as a small ironworks in rural Finland. A few centuries later in 1967, & they were the first manufacturers of plastic-handled scissors in the world. Today they've quite outgrown their humble origins, supplying a wide range of Garden Tools, Snow Clearing Tools & Hand Tools (including the classic plastic-handled Fiskars Scissors), all stamped with their distinctive, trademark shade of orange. Alongside the original Fiskars brand, the company also owns & supplies through their Littala & Gerber brand identities.

About The Products

We stock a range of Fiskars Scissors for general purpose applications as well as specialist models like the Fiskars Classic Pinking Shears and Needlework Micro Tip Scissors. Fiskars Classic Left Handed General Purpose Scissors represent a popular choice for left handed users and can be used for dressmaking as well as a multitude of day to day cutting tasks.

Fiskars manufacture three popular ranges of Garden Hand Tools; Fiskars Light (lightweight), Fiskars Xact (ergonomic) and Fiskars Solid (heavy duty). These ranges provide core essentials such as Forks, Spades, Rakes and Shovels, with a diversity that ensures every gardener can find their ideal tool.

Fiskars Axes have long been valued for their excellent performance and durability, whether chopping or splitting. The red dot design award winning Fiskars X Series encompasses everything from portable Camping Hatchets to the Fiskars XXL X27 Splitting Axe (one of our best selling products); backed up by a 25 year warranty, the range is built to deliver a long service life and features modern enhancements such as lightweight, weatherproof Fibercomp handles and antishock technology. Providing a handy accessory to the X range, The Fiskars Xsharp Axe & Knife Sharpener is a portable 2 in 1 ceramic grind stone which is ideal for keeping your axes and other cutting tools properly maintained.

Fittingly for a company originating in the arctic circle, Fiskars also manufacture a range of Snow Clearing Tools, including a Snow Sleigh and Snow Shovels. The compact Snow Light Aluminium Snow Spade is ideal for keeping in a car boot for winter emergencies, while the 1.3 metre shovel is an ergonomic workhorse which is perfect for clearing snow around the home and garden.

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