Biscuit Jointers

Biscuit Jointers

Biscuit Jointers Information

A biscuit is a small wooden consumable (vaguely resembling a biscuit) which is used to join two pieces of timber together, commonly when making a flat board such as a panel or tabletop. The biscuit jointer (also known as a biscuit joiner) is designed specifically for hollowing out the necessary recesses in the mating pieces, and is fitted with a small spring loaded circular saw blade which is plunged into the workpiece. Once the slots have been cut out, the biscuit is glued into place and the timber is clamped together. Biscuit jointers can be used on solid wood as well as sheet goods like plywood and MDF.

Biscuit Jointer Safety:

Biscuit Jointers are equipped with circular saw blades and can be dangerous if used improperly. It is imperative to make sure that the workpiece is securely clamped or otherwise fixed in place before making a cut. It is also recommended to use respiratory protection as the dust from many woods and sheet goods can be hazardous to health.

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DeWalt DW682K Biscuit Jointer

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Makita PJ7000 Biscuit Jointer

2 variants £219.95

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Trend T18S/BJK 18v Cordless Biscuit Jointer

3 variants from £218.95

Available to order

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