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Bosch L-BOXX Tool Cases Most Bosch Professional cordless power tools that ship with a battery and charger come packaged in an L-BOXX, a stackable power tool case that is designed to be connected to other storage solutions in the range for ease of transport when going to and from site or moving around the workshop. Bosch developed the L-BOXX in conjuntion with fellow German manufacturers Sortimo, who have specialised in modular transport solutions for vehicle interiors since the 1970s, and the range is compatible with Sortimo's own in-vehicle storage system.

Durability is a key concern for most power tool users, and the L-BOXX range was designed to be robust and wear-resistant with secure closing latches and protection against dust and water ingress. Numerous small parts containers and tool trays are available in the system and all components are designed to click together for easy integration. For transporting large racks of L-BOXX cases around, the L-BOXX roller caddy makes an ideal wheeled platform.

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