Bosch Carbide Performance Power Tool Accesories

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Bosch Expert Carbide Sheet Metal Hole Saw

11 types from £26.95


Bosch Expert Wood Cutting Table Saw Blade

7 types from £40.95


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Bosch Carbide Performance Power Tool Accesories Bosch have been manufacturing carbide power tool accessories for decades and they have one of the broadest ranges available. These cutting tools include essentials like drill bits, jigsaw blades and reciprocating saw blades and the vast majority of these are released as part of the Bosch Professional range, designed for trade and industry.

Carbide is one of the toughest materials on earth, making it ideal for heavy duty cutting and drilling tools. Its ability to withstand high levels of heat and extreme conditions means that carbide accessories will keep going for longer, even when working with challenging materials like stainless steel. All of which saves the end user time and money on the jobsite.

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