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Dewalt Air Lock & Dust Extraction Systems Repeated exposure to construction dust can be extremely detrimental to health, and recent legislation has focussed on ensuring that employers take steps to contain as much of this dust as possible on the jobsite. DeWalt's Airlock range was developed to help ensure an efficient, reliable dust extraction system without the frustrations that are commonly encountered when hooking up dust hoses to power tools. Central to the system is the DWV9000 Airlock adaptor, which is supplied with DeWalt's Airlock dust extractors and is available separately for connection to standard 35mm hoses, either from Dewalt or other manufacturers. Once plugged in to an Airlock dust port, the DWV9000 is locked firmly in place - it can't become detached, but it is free to rotate to prevent the hose from being kinked or twisted. When you need to use another tool, simply unlock the adaptor by hand and you can have it connected up to another machine in a matter of seconds. Many DeWalt power tools have Airlock ports built into their housings for direct connection but you can also get a range of adaptors which enable you to use the Airlock system with standard dust ports on a wide range of power tools.

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