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Bosch 36v POWER FOR ALL Tools The Bosch Home and Garden 36v cordless range is designed to give you a bit more power than the 18v Power For All system, and includes heavy duty cordless garden tools like lawnmowers, grass trimmers and leaf blowers. Like the 18v Power For All range, these tools use a high quality lithium ion battery which is available in a range of capacities, enabling you to choose the best model for your requirements. Those with lower capacities (rated as ah, or ampere hours) are cheaper to manufacture but will give you less runtime per charge, while larger batteries such as the 4ah model are ideal for tackling bigger jobs. Note that the Bosch 18v and 36v ranges use a different battery, and they are not cross compatible. All the Bosch 36v garden tools share battery compatiblity however.

Best sellers in the range include the Bosch 36v Rotak series of lawnmowers, which are available in EASYROTAK, UNIVERSALROTAK and ADVANCEDROTAK configurations. We offer these in a comprehensive range of battery kit versions so you can easily select the most appropriate model for your requirements, whether you already own a battery and charger or need a complete starter set.

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