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Bahco Established in Sweden in 1886, Bahco’s first product ranges were saw blades which were manufactured from high quality Bessemer steel. A new technology at the time, this hard and tough metal was quickly embraced by fishhook manufacturers, and so these first products were stamped with the same symbol employed as a mark of quality in that industry - the fish and hook design that remains a hallmark of the brand to this day. Achieving rapid recognition amongst forestry workers, the distinctive logo ensured Bahco enjoyed strong sales, and their reputation for innovative products was further cemented when they patented the world’s first pipe wrenches and adjustable spanners before the end of the nineteenth century. Today they manufacture an extensive range of over 7000 professional hand and air tools, and have won numerous product design awards, notably for the ERGO series.

About The Products

Filing the original patent in 1891, Bahco are justifiably renowned for their adjustable spanners which remain a strong product line to this day. Likewise, Bahco hand saws and saw blades have been relied upon by generations of forestry and construction workers, and an extensive range is available to cover a wide variety of applications and materials. Foresters and firewood choppers are also well catered for by the large range of Bahco axes, while their quality socket sets and pliers represent strong sellers to tradespeople, maintenance workers and automotive professionals.

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