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Bolle Safety Glasses

Bolle Bolle was established in the small town of Oyonnax near the French Alps, and they manufacture helmets and eyewear for snow sports, water sports, golf, tennis, cycling and outdoor pursuits as well as safety glasses, goggles, shields, helmets and face masks for industry and construction.

About The Products

Bolle manufactures a wide range of safety eye wear including goggles, glasses and face shields with full face protection. Bolle’s Safety Glasses come in a variety of designs, often with with multiple lens colour options. Choose from a wrap-around fit to plastic or material temples, full protection eye goggles with a soft frame and a simplified spontaneous assembly system goggle visor offering all round vision and unequalled adaptability and comfort.

Best sellers include their Bandido range, which is manufactured from highly resistant polycarbonate and available in a range of lens colours, and the Baxter range which offers total comfort with a wraparound frame and waterproof foam to protect your eyes in all working conditions.

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