C H Hanson Tools

C H Hanson Headquartered outside of Chicago, the C.H Hanson company has been a family owned and managed operation since 1886. They offer a line of hand tools and marking & identification, chalk, layout and measurement products designed for use in industrial, construction and DIY consumer markets.

About The Products

C.H Hanson have a strong line of marking and identification products and are a well known manufacturer of carpenters pencils. In fact, they were responsible for bringing the world’s first dedicated carpenters pencil sharpener to the market, alongside other innovations such as the Pencil Armor protective holder which helps to eliminate point breakage.

As well as marking chalk, line and tape, they also supply letter and number stamp & stencil sets which are ideal for labelling signs, tools and equipment.

C.H Hanson also produce an extensive range of locking pliers. These robust hand tools range from versatile universal designs to specialised models ideal for clamping applications in welding and metal work.

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