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Channellock Founded in 1886 by American blacksmith George DeArment, Channellock were originally called the Champion Bolt & Clipper Company, and despite having all their cash assets stolen by a bank teller seven years later they managed to build up a thriving business and a client base which included Edward VII’s Royal horse-shoer. However, the invention and patent of the “Channel lock” tongue & groove slip joint plier in 1933 was to change their fortunes dramatically, and the company subsequently changed their name to protect the trademark of their most successful product. Now being run by the fifth generation of the DeArment family, Channellock manufacture all their pliers in two production facilities at Meadville, Pennsylvania, and boast a product range of over 130 tools.

About The Products

The original Channellock plier was a highly successful design and made the company practically a household name in America. A type of slip joint plier (commonly labelled water pump, groove joint, or tongue & groove) the design principle has been adopted by countless manufacturers since, though the distinctive blue handled originals remain an iconic product which has served the tool industry for more than 80 years.

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Channellock Straight Jaw Water Pump Pliers

Channellock Straight Jaw Water Pump Pliers
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