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Cox Founded in 1958 by Patrick Cox (not the shoe designer), Cox were originally called The Mastic Appliance Company and their first product was the much copied Wexford skeleton frame applicator, a sealant cartridge gun which is still in production to this day - though it has since been renamed the Easiflow HD. Becoming market leaders in the production of manual, pneumatic and battery hand held sealant and adhesive applicators, Cox were eventually assimilated into the Swiss Sulzer Mixpac group at the turn of the millennium.

About The Products

Looking every bit like it came out of a sealant gun factory, the Cox Solo clamp is a direct descendant of the patented technology used in the original award winning Cox applicator ranges. Designed for rapid one handed use and available with metal or plastic clamping feet, the Solo has become a firm favourite amongst users in the know due to its ease of use and robust build quality. While many quick clamp designs are prone to failure when used extensively, the Solo has proved itself over the years as an extremely dependable and reliable model which is ideal for rapid clamping in wide a variety of wood working and metal working applications.

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