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Dickie Dyer Established in 1920, Abbirko were originally known as Abbott Birks & Co and soon became a leading manufacture in the Plumbing and Heating industry. Dickie Dyer was acquired by Abbirko back in 2012 and they offer a wide range of plumbing and heating tools on a premium level. They pride themselves on a personal and premium level of service including manufacture, supply and fulfilment. With an extensive range of products designed for professional and consumable plumbing and heating engineers, their aim is to always provide the best tools for the job.

About The Products

Dickie Dyer manufacture a range of products primarily intended for the plumbing market, from Stopcock Keys and Blowtorches to Screwdrivers, Pliers and Wrenches.

Their Stopcock keys are UK manufactured, multi-purpose and single application keys available in a range of specifications.

Dickie Dyer also manufacture high quality pliers and wrenches including a range of VDE 1000v pliers and cutters as well as Auto-grip water pump pliers which offer up to 3 times faster adjustment. The Telescopic Basin Wrench extends up to 460mm and is fitted with forged steel jaw. They manufacture a wide range of spanners and keys for taps, radiator valves and immersion heater elements including their own unique stainless steel multi-purpose keys which are available individually or in sets.

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