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Draper Boasting an exhaustive catalogue of hand, power and air tools and an extensive distribution network, Draper are one of the most ubiquitous tool brands in the UK’s retail sector. With Core ranges catering to the requirements of everyone from the DIY novice to the expert user, Draper Tools have found extensive use in households and professional working environments since the company was founded in the Kingston upon Thames area by Bert Draper in 1919.

An ISO 9001 certified company, Draper pride themselves on the multiple quality assurance processes that they insist on, ensuring all Draper Tools meet international standards of quality and safety.

About The Products

As well as the standard Draper product line-up, which is suitable for use by tradespeople and DIYers, Draper also provide the entry level Draper Redline range, and the premium Draper Expert range. These include garden tools, power tools and an extensive selection of automotive tools as well as a huge range of hand tools and accessories. Draper are renowned for offering quality tools at an extremely competitive price point, which has made best sellers of popular product ranges such as Draper Spanners, Draper Socket Sets, Draper Tool Kits and Draper Air Compressors. Draper Tools Expert Redline Automotive

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