Duramaxx Tools

Duramaxx Duramaxx Tools are owned by Greenworks, who have rapidly become well establised in the gardening sector for their lithium ion battery powered tools. Using the same battery technology as employed by Greenworks, Duramaxx Tools are designed to provide a clean, convenient and supremely easy to use alternative to petrol or corded electric power tools. Offering the same cordless mobility as petrol tools, Duramaxx Tools are much easier to use - they just need their batteries to be recharged after use, and you're ready to go next time. You don't need to worry about buying, transorting, mixing and safely storing fuel, and you have much less maintenance to worry about too.

About The Products

The Duramaxx DM40LM41 is a powerful 40v cordless rotary lawnmower which will cut up to 500 square metres on a single 4.0ah battery charge. It is supplied as a complete kit which includes a battery, charger and a 50 litre grass collector bag.

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