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Eclipse Eclipse tools are part of the Spear & Jackson group, and in fact their parent company, Neill Tools, bought Spear & Jackson in 1985. The Eclipse brand was established by James Neill in 1909 and was soon selling his newly developed composite steel hacksaw blades, the first on the market when they were introduced in 1911. Eclipse also started manufacturing hacksaw frames shortly afterwards and became one of the best known hacksaw brands in the UK before their merger with Spear & Jackson and several other brands, including Sorby, Moore & Wright and Tyzack.

About The Products

Eclipse are probably best known for their hacksaw blades and hacksaw frames but their present day product range also includes several other types of cutting tools, including power tool accessories like reciprocating saw blades and hole saws, as well as hand tools, measuring tools and engineering tools.

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Eclipse Plus 30 Bimetal Hacksaw Blades

Eclipse Plus 30 Bimetal Hacksaw Blades
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