Emir Tools

Emir Though Emir displays its Ashford association proudly on its logo, the company actually originated in Remscheid, Germany. Owned by the Emmerich family, a workshop was established in Bermondsey in the 1930s before shifting operations to the present day location in 1966. Emir manufacture a range of products which includes workbenches, tables, cupboards and furniture as well as hand tools. The heart of their manufacturing process is the conversion of prime raw timber into beautifully crafted and finished products; they also own a polyurethane plant which is used to make a variety of plastic floats for plastering and rendering, as well as high density tools for sheet metal working.

About The Products

Emir supply a range of wooden mitre boxes and blocks, including dedicated skirting and coving models. They also manufacture a range of wooden mallets and a selection of plastering tools such as caulkers and floats.

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