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Flymo Flymo Tools revolutionised the world of gardening when Flymo replaced heavy manual mowers with something that was lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. In 1964 Karl Dahlman invented the Flymo Hover Mower, using principles similar to those of a hovercraft. The first Flymo Tools hit the market in 1965 and the company came to the attention of electrical giants Electrolux who acquired the company in 1969. In 2006 Flymo, together with Husqvarna AB, a Swedish company broke away from Electrolux to become a separate company. As the inventors of several pioneering products including the 2-1 lawn trimmer and edger, Flymo are the leading UK brand in the Husqvarna AB profile.

About The Products

Flymo Hover Mowers are the best known Flymo Tools and are ideal for use on uneven terrain as they float on a cushion of air, making them easy to manoeuvre over bumps and slopes. You can also get several other types of Flymo Gardening Tools, including Rotary Lawnmowers, Hedge Trimmers, Grass Trimmers and Leaf Blowers. Flymo Tools Mighti Mo Lawn Trimmer Edger Hedge Lightweight Hover Mower Grass Leaf Blower Scirocco Robotic

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