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Greenworks Founded in 2007, Greenworks are a relatively young company but have quickly gained attention for their cordless lithium ion battery powered tool ranges, which include 24v, 40v, 60v & 80v platforms. Committed to lithium ion technology as a user-friendly alternative to the noise, fumes and inconvenience of petrol engines, most Greenworks Tools are desgined for outdoor and gardening applications but they also manufacture cordless DIY tools such as drills, impact drivers and circular saws which share battery compatibility with the 24v garden range. Additionally, Greenworks manufacture a small selection of pressure washers for outdoor cleaning tasks.

About The Products

The vast majority of Greenworks Tools are cordless and powered by lithium ion batteries. You'll find all the essentials for keeping your garden maintained such as Greenworks Hedge Trimmers, Greenworks Grass Trimmers and Greenworks Lawnmowers and they all share battery compatibility with other tools in the same voltage range, so you can also use your Greenworks Batteries to power machines like Leaf Blowers and Chainsaws without having to worry about the hassle of petrol based alternatives. If you're looking for additional, spare or replacement Greenworks Batteries & Chargers we also stock a large range to keep your tools in operation throughout the year. Greenworks Tools Outdoor Garden cordless Grass Hedge Trimmer Lawnmower Leaf Blower Chainsaw Lithium Ion Technology

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