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Hyundai Hyundai are probably best known in the UK as a manufacturer of motor vehicles but the company was actually started in 1947 as a construction and engineering firm. Since then they have gone on to diversify into several indivudually owned companies but if considered as a whole they would be south Korea's largest manufacturing congolmerate. Hyundai power equipment is the trading name of GenPower Ltd, who have been the sole importers of this range to the UK market since 2006.

About The Products

Hyundai's power products are broadly aimed at both DIY and commercial users and their range encompasses construction power tools like drills, saws and grinders, cleaning tools like pressure washers, garden & landscaping equipment like blowers, mowers and chainsaws, and site equipment like generators and water pumps. Hyundai are especially renowned for their generators, and the Hyundai Power Products range includes solutions which are powered by petrol, mains electricity or lithium ion battery packs.

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