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Milwaukee MX4 SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit

77 types from £5.49

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Milwaukee HSS-G Thunderweb Drill Bit

126 types from £1.49

in stock

Milwaukee Aluminium Pipe Wrench

5 types from £55.95

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Milwaukee M2 SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit

130 types from £2.95

in stock

Milwaukee Bi-Metal Contractors Holesaw

41 types from £5.95

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Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Almost literally rising from the ashes of A.H Petersen Manufacturing Co, Milwaukee Tools were established in 1924 and Milwaukee took over production of Peterson's Hole Shooter after the former business was destroyed in a fire. The Hole Shooter was an early compact power drill that Petersen had designed for Henry Ford and at the time its one handed operation was a revolutionary concept. Emblazoning their commitment to electrical power firmly in their logo, Milwaukee's product range was soon bolstered by additional tools such as circular saws, sanders, grinders and hammer drills, but it was the invention of the angle drill and the groundbreaking SAWZALL reciprocating saw at the dawn of the 1950s that truly established them as an innovative manufacturer in their own right. By the 1960s, Milwaukee were market leaders in the American power tool industry and continued to release iconic products like the Magnum pistol drill and Hole Hawg that would become indispensable to a new generation of users.

About The Products

The Present day Milwaukee Power Tools range has a strong focus on cordless technology, and they release a wide variety of tools under the Milwaukee M12 Tools and Milwaukee M18 Tools lithium ion battery platforms alongside a selection of heavy duty corded power tools in 240v and 110v options.

We stock a range of Milwaukee Power Tool Accessories, including many Drill and Screwdriver bit sets from the popular Milwaukee Shockwave Impact rated accessory line.

A recent addition to the range is the Milwaukee Packout storage and transport range of tool boxes and tool bags designed for the mobile professional. Milwaukee Tools Range Authorised Distributor Stockist

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