Noga DeBurrs Tools

Noga DeBurrs Founded in Israel, Noga Engineering & Technology was established in 1980 and have since become a world leader in the manufacturing of deburring tools. They aim to offer their customers the most competitive and effective solutions for their deburring applications.

About The Products

Noga are aware that in modern manufacturing facilties workers have to deburr a huge range of different types of components, and that no one type of deburring tool is ideal for all these tasks. Therefore, they make a full range of deburring systems which include different configurations so as to enable optimum productivity when reaching every point where a burr must be removed.

Each Noga deburring tool consists of a cutting blade (or blades) held in a suitable handle. Noga's deburring system includes a selection of different handle types and blades that are available in high speed steel, TiN coated Cobalt high speed steel, solid tungsten carbide and ceramic. This range constitutes the most comprehensive and versatile line of manual deburring tools on the market today.

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