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Portwest Workwear Top Picks

Portwest PW34 Hi Vis Work Trousers

90 types £36.95

in stock

Portwest C701 Combat Trousers

78 types from £14.95

in stock

Portwest Naples Polo Shirt

62 types £9.95

in stock

Portwest S999 Euro Work Boilersuit

37 types from £17.95

in stock

Portwest Thermal Trousers

29 types £8.95

in stock

Portwest Thermal Long Sleeve T Shirt

29 types £9.95

in stock

Portwest Stretch Slim Combat Trousers

57 types £18.95

in stock

Portwest Mens Aran Fleece

27 types £18.95

in stock

Portwest Steelite Trouper Boot S1P

13 types £25.95

in stock

Portwest KX3 Hi Vis Flexi Trousers

12 types £38.95

in stock

Portwest Slim Fit Combat Trousers

10 types £16.95

in stock

Portwest Hi Vis Two Tone Zipped Hoodie

16 types £31.95

in stock

Portwest Roma Hoodie

12 types £21.95

in stock

Base Layer Thermal Top Long Sleeve

12 types £11.95

in stock

Portwest Hi Vis Short Sleeve T Shirt

16 types from £9.95

in stock

Portwest Mens Hi Vis Polo Short Sleeve Shirt

17 types from £11.95

in stock

Portwest Ladies Aran Fleece

15 types £19.95

in stock

Portwest Workwear

Portwest Portwest have been trading for more than 100 years and cater to an international market for reliable, comfortable and affordable workwear. They listen carfeully to customer feedback and are continually improving their existing product lines and adding new ones. With a large team of product designers and manufacturing facilities in three countries, Portwest are able to take products from the design stage to completion within very short time frames and every product is subsequently certified by an independent test house to guarntee it conforms to applicable standards.

About The Products

Portwest cater to a wide variety of working environments but especially to industries such as oil and gas, welding, mining, agriculture, transport, chemical, catering and manufacturing. They are specialists in hazard protection and supply solutions for mitigating risks caused by factors such as heat and flame, electric arcs, chemicals, ESD and molten metal as well as protective and/or high visibility garments for working in cold, wet or dark conditions.

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