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Smart Multitool Blades Oscillating multi tools have become popular in the tool kits of various tradespeople and DIYers in recent times, and one of the key reasons to their success is the versatility and precision afforded by these compact and highly portable machines. Smart are one of the only manufacturers on the market who specialise purely in oscillating multi tool technologies, and they have a complete catalogue of accessories designed for cutting, sawing, sanding, scraping, grinding and rasping. Because of the huge range of applications these tools get used on, you can find Smart accessories which are suitable for numerous material conditions and their core range is divided into three different classes so you can quickly gauge the capabilities of a given blade or accessory.

About The Products

Smart split their oscillating multi tool accessories into the Green range, Blue range and Purple range (with corresponding coloured labels on the packaging). Green tools are designed for general trade use, Blue tools are premium quality accessories designed for professional applications, and the Purple range consists of long life titanium bi-metal tools which are ideal for tough jobs such as cutting through embedded nails or screws.

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