Supatool Tools

Supatool Supatool are a subsidiary of Kincrome, one of Australia's biggest and most well known tool brands who were founded in 1976 and celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2016. Starting as a small, family owned business employing just four people, they have grown to enjoy a market leading position across Australia and New Zealand though their products were not available for sale in the UK until fairly recently. While the main Kincrome range is geared towards the professional market, the Supatool subsidiary was established in order to provide more cost-effective products for DIYers and occasional users who do not need to use their tools on a day-to-day basis.

About The Products

The Supatool range is ideal for DIYers, homeowners and weekend motor enthusiasts, but Kincrome also wanted to ensure these tools were durable enough for work environments and they will find many applications in trade-related industrial and automotive fields. As with the main Kincrome range, Supatool has its biggest presence in the automotive hand tool sector, with socket, spanner and screwdriver sets being amongst the best sellers in the catalogue.

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