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Breakers Demolition Hammer

Breakers Information

Breakers are known by several names, including Concrete Breaker, Demolition Breaker, Demolition Hammer, Jackhammer and Kango (a brand name which has since been assimilated into the Milwaukee range). They are large and powerful machines designed for breaking apart ground level substances such as concrete, stone and various paving materials. Unlike some of the smaller demolition hammers, breakers do not have drilling modes and are designed to be used with chisels only. Breakers often use specially designed chisels, and compatibility varies from machine to machine. You will find accessories listed on many of our product pages to make it easier for you to see what we have available when choosing a tool.

Breaker safety:

Breakers are powerful tools and precautions should be taken before using one. Safety boots, eye protection and ear defenders should be worn in all cases, and be aware that dust from concrete and other building materials can be hazardous to health so respiratory protection is recommended as well. Be careful to avoid wet or damp conditions when working with electrical tools outside.

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