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Brush Cutters

Brush Cutters Information

A Brush Cutter functions in the same way as a Grass Trimmer, and in fact in almost all cases they can be used with trimming line to accomplish the same task. However, they are also designed to be used with brush cutter blades which enable the machine to cut through thicker, tougher overgrown vegetation as well. This makes them suitable for heavy duty clearing tasks which would be beyond the capabilities of nylon trimming line.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Corded Electric Brush Cutters – usually the most affordable option, these machines are restricted by the amount of cable they are attached to but are great if you have a small garden or only need to work near the house.
• Cordless Electric Brush Cutters – Usually running off lithium ion batteries, these offer unrestricted freedom of movement but have historically been less powerful than petrol or mains machines. However, todays lithium ion batteries are available in increasingly higher voltages and are much more user friendly than petrol. Additionally, they can usually be used to power other compatible tools as well.
• Petrol Brush Cutters – Petrol engines offer great performance and runtime but they tend to be much louder than electric variants, and come with the added inconvenience of having to buy, mix and safely store fuel. They are usually a good option for professional landscapers or properties with large amounts of land.

Brush Cutter Safety:

When using corded power tools outdoors it is always a good idea to use an RCD to safeguard against electric shock. If using a petrol brush cutter, take the necessary precautions to ensure fuel is stored safely in between use. All grass trimmers and brush cutters are capable of throwing up small stones and other debris so eye protection should always be worn when using them or working around them.

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