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Locking Clamp

C clamps can be broadly categorized as having a profile shaped like the letter C. We stock two main types; ratchet clamps and locking clamps. Available in a range of sizes, the smaller sizes are ideal for clamping along the edge of a workpiece, while the elongated types of C clamp are especially useful for clamping the middle of a material to a workbench while leaving the edge free to be worked on.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Locking C Clamps – an evolution of the original Vise-Grip locking pliers, this variant is a dedicated clamp which can be used to lock down on a workpiece with a holding force that is virtually immovable under normal conditions. The tools vice grip is released simply by pressing an integrated lever, though it can take a bit of trial and error to dial in the required setting when clamping a new material for the first time. Their durable metal construction makes them especially useful for welding and metalworking applications. They can be used with wood though clamping at full strength is likely to mark or damage the material. Clamps equipped with swivel tips will mark sensitive surfaces less than those without.
• Ratchet or Quick Grip C Clamps – usually made of plastic, these are not ideal for welding applications but are more suitable for woodworkers. They do not grip material as tightly as locking clamps and are quicker and simpler to use, with no setup time required.

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