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Faithfull Centre Punch

6 types £2.95

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Bahco Centre Punch

5 types from £5.95

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Stanley Centre Punch


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Expert by Facom Centre Punch

5 types from £3.49

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Starrett 18 Series Automatic Centre Punch

3 types from £29.95

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Priory Round Head Centre Punch

2 types from £7.95


Priory Square Head Centre Punch

6 types from £3.95


Draper Centre Punch

3 types £3.49


Facom Centre Punch

4 types from £5.49


Draper Expert Centre Punch

2 types £4.95


CK Centre Punch



Expert by Facom Automatic Centre Punch

2 types from £31.95


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Priory Automatic Centre PunchCentre Punches are used to create small depressions in material, primarily for the purposes of starting a drilled hole. In materials like metal and hard plastics, a drill bit has a tendency to skid on the surface, making it difficult to drill with any accuracy. To solve this problem a centre punch can be used to mark out the required starting point by punching a small indentation into it; if a drill bit is then centred on the indentation it will be guided into the material without wandering away from the starting point. To ensure optimum results with a wide range of drill bits and similar tools, centre punches can be found in a variety of metric and imperial sizes.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Standard Centre Punches - the standard centre punch is a simple and economical tool, which is held in one hand and struck with a hammer to create the starting point.
• Automatic Centre Punches - with an Automatic Centre Punch the user pushes down on the end cap, whereby an inbuilt mechanism punches out the indent. This removes the need for additional striking equipment, making it a convenient tool for mobile users and quick and easy applications.
• Adjustable Automatic Centre Punches - the Adjustable Automatic Centre Punch has the additional benefit that the striking force can be adjusted, usually by rotating the end cap. This enables the punch to be set for deeper or shallower indents as required.

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