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Although many traditional carpenters tools spend most of their time gathering dust in today's fast paced machine age, the humble bevel edge chisel remains an essential piece of everyday equipment for many woodworkers. These versatile tools have sharp edges for slicing and carving wood, and the bevel edge means they can be easily worked into corners and acute angles. Usually held in one hand and driven into the work with a mallet, bevel edge chisels are commonly used for making or cleaning up joints and recesses to ensure precise fits. We stock a variety of individual chisels and sets, including the world famous Irwin Marples chisels and Marples chisel sets.

Note that chisels need regular sharpening to ensure optimum performance (and many brand new chisels are supplied from the manufacturer unsharpened) so a sharpening stone is an essential accessory to keep them working at their best.

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