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At Tooled-up we stock a large selection of circular saw blades from manufacturers including Bosch, Makita, Trend, Freud, DeWalt, Irwin and Festool. Whether you're looking for a new blade for a handheld circular saw, plunge saw, table saw or mitre saw, simply use the filter options at the left of the page to select your requirements and narrow down your search.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Diameter - the most crucial search criterion. Before purchasing any new circular saw blade, first make sure you know the diameter of the blade you are replacing. Do not attempt to use a blade that is not designed for use in your machine.
• Teeth - this value refers to the total number of teeth on the blade. The basic rule to remember is that blades with a lower tooth count will cut quickly but roughly while at the opposite end of the spectrum blades with a high tooth count will take longer to complete a cut but leave a much finer finish. However, there may be other considerations to take into account based on specific materials or applications; if you're unsure whether a blade will be suitable for your intended purposes you can often get a good idea of the manufacturers recommended usage by checking the description provided.
• Bore - the bore of a circular saw blade is the hole in the middle where it is affixed to a power tool. If you don't know this information you should be able to find out by checking your manual or by inspecting the blade attached to the tool. Bear in mind that if you can't find a blade that matches your exact requirements you may be able to get an alternative to fit by using a circular saw blade bushing or reducing washer.

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Freud LP30M General Purpose Circular Saw Blade

Freud LP30M General Purpose Circular Saw Blade
6 variants from £21.95

In stock

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Bosch Speedline Wood Cutting Saw Blade

Bosch Speedline Wood Cutting Saw Blade
18 variants from £10.95

In stock

(1 match)

Milwaukee Endurance Metal Steel Cutting Circular Saw Blade

Milwaukee Endurance Metal Steel Cutting Circular Saw Blade
7 variants from £67.95

Available to order

(1 match)

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