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Claw Hammers

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Claw Hammers are probably the most widely used and recognised type of hammer, being a staple fixture of the household tool kit as well as a versatile construction and demolition tool on building sites. They get their name from the double pronged claw on the reverse of the hammer head, which is primarily used to pull nails or pry apart materials. Claw hammers come in a diverse range of sizes and are generally classed by weight.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Curved Claw Hammers - hammers with a curved claw are ideal for pulling nails as the user can generate a lot of leverage without much physical effort.
• Straight Claw Hammers - also known as rip hammers, these tools do not enable the user to apply as much leverage when pulling nails, but instead they are well built for digging in between timber, boards and similar materials for prying and demolition tasks.
• Milled Face Claw Hammers - also known as waffle face claw hammers or checkered face claw hammers, these tools have a waffle pattern ingrained on the hammer face that makes them look a bit like meat tenderizers. The advantage of this design is that it grips the nail head as it is struck, helping to ensure nails are driven straight into the timber with reduced instances of mis-hits and bent fasteners. The disadvantage is that it leaves a waffle imprint on any timber it comes into contact with, typically rendering it unsuitable for finish work or fine carpentry.
• Smooth Face Claw Hammers - the smooth face claw hammer has a standard polished face when it comes out the factory. Some users like to rough this up slightly on an abrasive surface to give it a bit of extra grip before first using the tool.
• Framing Hammers - framing hammers are an especially large type of claw hammer designed specifically for timber framing applications.

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