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Countersinks are designed to carve out a bevelled pocket for screw heads to fit into so they will not sit proud of the surface once installed. They may be used manually (as long as they are attached to a suitable handle) or, more commonly, mounted into a chuck for use with drills or other machinery. Countersinks can be suitable for wood, metal and plastics but material compatibility varies by type so check the product description to gauge whether a specific countersink is appropriate for the task at hand. A popular design for countersinking in wood combines a drill bit and countersink in one product, enabling the operator to drill and countersink holes in a single action rather than constantly switching between tools or swapping out bits.

We stock professional & DIY grade countersinks from brands including Trend, DeWalt, Dormer and Bosch.

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Sirius HSS MorseTaper Shank Countersink

Sirius HSS MorseTaper Shank Countersink
12 variants from £20.95

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