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Keeping your garden, patio or driveway tidy is often a challenge all year round, and especially in the summer and autumn months when plants have to be trimmed or pruned and trees start to shed their leaves. As well as making your lawn look untidy, garden waste and debris like wet leaves can block sunlight from reaching grass and smaller plants, leading to stifled growth and dead patches. Here you will find a selection of useful Garden Tidy tools and accessories, including pop up waste bags, decking booms, brushes and leaf & litter pickers to help keep your garden, patio or driveway looking at its best throughout the seasons.

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Fiskars ERGO Pop Up Garden Waste Bag

3 variants from £15.95

In stock

Fiskars LIGHT Patio Broom


In stock

Fiskars XACT Weeding Knife


In stock

Fiskars SOLID Popup Garden Bag

2 variants from £13.95

In stock

Roughneck Patio and Decking Brush Set


Available to order

Roughneck Plastic Deck Wire Brush


Available to order

Einhell GC-CC 18 Li 18v Cordless Patio Brush

3 variants from £50.95

Available to order

Draper General Purpose Pop Up Tidy Bag


Available to order

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