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Gardena ClickUp The Gardena ClickUp! range offers different elements for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and is an interchangeable system of attachments and handles to mount them on. The wooden ClickUp! handle has a ground spike for inserting it into a lawn or flowerbed, while the ClickUp! balcony clamp can be affixed to fences and railings. You can then mount a variety of attachments, including bird feeders, bird baths, solar lights and rain gauges. The ClickUp! connector is similar to a standard hose connector, and enables attachments to be removed and swapped over quickly and easily whenever required.

The entire ClickUp! range is made using high quality materials, including durable, frost-proof plastic components and wood which comes from sustainable, FSC certified forests. Everything in the range is covered by a 5 year warranty. Gardena ClickUp Range

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