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Gardena COMBISYSTEM Long Telescopic Handle

2 types from £45.95

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Gardena COMBISYSTEM FSC Wooden Handle

2 types from £13.95

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Gardena COMBISYSTEM Soil Rake Head

3 types from £12.95

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Gardena CombiSystem Tools Gardena CombiSystem hand tools provides a flexible system where you can choose your favourite handles and then use any tool head with them. No need to buy whole tools for every single job just choose your handle(s) and then use them with any tool!

A wide range of tools are available in the CombiSystem range from traditional hand tools such as Brooms, Rakes & Hoes to more unusual Gutter Cleaner & Fruit Collector both a firm favourite with customers! Note that small hand tools all come with a basic short handle & some tool handle kits are also available.

Gardena Combisystem tools are designed to offer a long service life and most products in the range are covered by a 25 year warranty. Gardena CombiSystem Range

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