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Gardena Ergoline Garden Tools Spades and forks are among the oldest garden tools and remain as important as they ever have been for cultivating soil. However, Gardena are continually looking at ways to improve these gardening fundamentals and the Ergoline range is designed to offer the best of modern materials and design principles to ensure that digging, lifting and turning soil can be undertaken comfortably and efficiently.

Ergoline spades have extra large foot rests with treads that guarantee a firm hold when inserting the head into the ground, and all tools have extra wide D-handles which can be gripped from any angle without touching any sharp edges. Ergoline tools have comfortable plastic coated handles and some models have height adjustment facilities which enable them to be extended up to 126 centimetres to ensure a healthy posture when used by taller gardeners. All tools in the range are solidly constructed for dependable long term use, and are supplied with a 25 year warranty. Gardena Ergoline Range

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