Gardena Micro Drip System

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Gardena MICRO DRIP Pipe Pegs

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Gardena MICRO DRIP Connecting Irrigation Pipe

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Gardena MICRO DRIP Connecting Supply Pipe

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Gardena MICRO DRIP Pipe Plug (New)

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Gardena Micro Drip System The Gardena Micro Drip System is a hassle free way to water your garden. The system is modular and can be expanded, and offers an excellent way to achieve pinpoint irrigation of your garden plants. The system is ideal for lawns, pots, flower beds and vegetable patches. Gardena Micro-Drip is a complete system of connectors, hose pipe, valves, sprinklers and sprayers. Look for one of the great value for money starter sets which contain everything you need to get going, and then you can pick and choose from all the other accessories to extend your watering system.

If you've never set up an irrigation system before, you may find the online guides in our Irrigation Systems category helpful when it comes to planning the setup that will best suit your requirements. The Gardena Micro Drip guide includes useful information on the individual components in the Micro Drip range along with guidelines on working out how to achieve the optimum system for your garden.

Here is an useful guide on how easy it is to devise your own customised solution to absolve yourself of your watering duties. Regardless if it’s watering your balcony,terrace or in different areas of your garden. Gardena Micro Drip System irrigation watering

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