Gardena Pipeline

Gardena Pipeline Do you regularly need water at different places around your garden? Have you had enough of winding and unwinding long garden hoses? Then the Gardena Pipeline system may provide the ideal solution. Installing a Pipeline below the ground surface gives you a permanent connection to the required area, and the Water Connection points provide inputs and outputs to enable water to flow in and out of the Pipeline as required. Once you attach accessories like water taps, hoses or sprinklers, you'll find it extremely easy and convenient to keep your garden watered throughout the year.

Gardena make a variety of Pipeline Starter sets which are an ideal place to start looking when planning your system, but you can also find all the necessary components to build a Pipeline from scratch. The system is easy to plan and can be flexibly adapted to all garden sizes and consumer needs. Gardena Pipeline components are also compatible with those from the Original Gardena System and Micro-Drip-Systems, to give you great even greater flexibility when planning a new setup.Gardena Pipeline

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